andy graduated with a bachelor of architecture from the university of auckland in 2008 with honors. since then he has sort to gain international experience by spending several years abroad, working in australia, united kingdom and the united arab emirates. his travels have given him the opportunity to work on an extensive range of architectural projects; from high end residential and hospitality design in queensland, to international airports and transport hubs in london, to state of the art sports facilities and mix-use towers in dubai. he has recently completed the design of his own humble home down in wanaka new zealand.

andy has a love for travelling and experiencing life in person, he looks to combine these with his creative ideas, to provide solutions which connect with the individual at a human scale. he has a passion for simple, clean forms and draws on these notions to articulate beautiful spaces with subtle details. above all though, andy is a fun loving kiwi at heart.

if you have a project in mind which you would like to discuss with him. please send an email to [email protected]